What we're about

helping students become mature apprentices of jesus

Chi Alpha is Big on Jesus

We are a community of students learning to follow Jesus. Many students in Chi Alpha come from different religious or cultural backgrounds. Jesus is at the center and brings us all together. Following Jesus isn't like following someone on Twitter. It's not casual identification with an interest in hearing what he has to say. Following Jesus is about becoming his disciple or apprentice. Whether you plan to go into business, education, music, engineering, etc., your experiences with Chi Alpha will help you to thrive wherever God calls you.

elements of being a mature apprentice

We dig the concept of being an "apprentice" of Jesus. It implies an active relationship of learning and growth. Jesus put it simply, "Follow me." The goal is not just to learn things about Jesus, but to know him and become like him.

Being an apprentice of Jesus includes the following six elements. Chi Alpha WMU helps students to:

  • live on mission to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • learn and grow in community.
  • live Spirit-dependent rather than self-dependent.
  • make disciples who make disciples.
  • model the character of Christ.
  • maintain healthy relationship with the Father.

the process of becoming a mature apprentice

Chi Alpha WMU has a unique process for helping students cultivate these six elements in their lives. Over the years, we’ve noticed a common rhythm that many students who mature as apprentices of Jesus share in their Chi Alpha experience.

As students develop relationships through activities, experience deep growth in missional communities, bond on road trips, engage in service and mission, and learn to retreat, they naturally grow and mature as apprentices of Jesus.

Getting involved in Chi Alpha will help students develop a rhythm of growing in your relationship with Jesus, fostering inclusive community, and living on mission.